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Through our network we provide business consulting services throughout WA. As part of our service to you, we will provide the use of our customised systems and processes. Whether you are stablising or growing your business, Cashflow Tech Systemz can provide a service to make your job that much easier! To take advantage of our services below please contact the team on 0435 845 150 to arrange an appointment.

Every business can benefit from taking a step back to review their business performance and business processes. We are experienced in the area of business assessment and we can work with you to make the adjustments which can lead to a more sustainable and profitable business model for your organisation.

This heart of virtual CFO services is the transformation of information from just numbers on a page into measurable, actionable tools. The Virtual CFO (vCFO) can provide the mechanism you need to compare your internal decisions and success factors to those of others. As an accounting and finance professional, we can provide transactional services but the high value services sit at the CFO level at a fraction of the cost of a full time equivalent

An increasing number of companies are now seeing the value of good Corporate Governance and how it contributes to long term business success. A corporate governance plan can boost your company’s reputation, improve your overall business management and reduce potential ethical and legal problems. Putting in practise quality employment contracts, employee induction packages, supplier agreements and client contracts is all part of our service to you.

Every organisation should have a business plan. For a startup business, it can be the difference between success or failure and for an established business, it can be the difference between being stagnant or expanding. The business plan will then be used to formulate the strategic direction of the business and map out the long-term success that can be reviewed annually.

Cost Accounting concepts and practices help business owners to make better decisions by providing key information for planning and control. To ensure your company survives and thrives, you need to be able to measure, analyse and understand your business costs. Ensuring the business accounts are established and being used effectively will provide useful insights into the business to ensure the goods or services are meeting your required rates of return.

A full understanding of what cash flow is and how it impacts profit is central to operating a successful business. Although profit may be the ultimate goal, it can’t become a business owner’s sole focus, because without a successful cash management plan, profit can be meaningless. Budgeting, forecasting and cash account analysis are crucial for preventing a situation in which a business owner reports a profit on paper but at the same time is facing bankruptcy.

Management reporting is focused on segments of the business. By segmenting, you can get into the details and analyse the drivers of your business.

As the owner or manager, do you have information available at hand to answer these questions:
• Am I pricing my jobs right?
• Did I make more this quarter than last?
• Who are my most profitable customers?
• Do I have enough cash to make payroll?
• Who are my most and least productive staff?


The key to planning as Henry Ford once dictated is that “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success”. This involves all aspects of conducting business from the back office to the front office to everything in between including your people to ensure all aspects of the business are taken care of by the best in business.

Developing a strategy is about tying in all the key factors to successfully grow a business for sustainable value as developed through the business plan.

Once the planning and strategy is completed then its time for the consultant to execute the strategy. With all client confidential information we maintain data security through appropriate process and individualised training. Being a qualified certified practising accountant and trained governance professional means having the latest and best training for client protection.

Clever System

Through our partner network we are able to utilise the best systems in business with the necessary knowledge, obtained over the last decade, to provide the highest level of information technology to our clients.

We Are Everywhere

We have worked in nearly every industry and all types of business to understand and know your market intimately like its our own.

Smart Support

Our administration and support team provides the backing to deliver our quality service to you, the client, in a timely and effective manner.

Social Marketing

We use all forms of marketing whether that is by your traditional methods of print or social platforms. You can trust us to provide a selection of appropriate choices for your business that will be successful in achieving the desired result.