How do you Improve Customer Experience?


All owners and managers know, no matter how busy you get, you can’t forget the most important aspect of your business — your customers. The key to understanding and meeting your customer’s needs is to create an experience that adds value to their business. It’s about building real relationships with your customers. To do that, we need to improve the customer experience.

How well are you meeting this challenge in your business?


During the last few years in a challenging local market, it has been apparent we are too narrowly focused on simply winning the next customer or the next project.


Many are giving little consideration to how they can win many more projects from the same customer — a customer they already like and trust, and whose organisation and personnel they have gotten to know well.


Business leaders with the greatest experience in business development focus on building lasting customer relationships to provide a solid foundation from which they can gain more business and succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.


Building strong customer relationships is a direct correlation to improving your bottom line and support long-term growth. Simply it is costlier to acquire new customers than to grow your business with repeat customers.


If we clearly understand this, how can we improve the experience of the customer to build new and better opportunities that serves our customers?


Let’s look at four ways to support business development focussed on improving customer experience.


4 Customer Improvement Strategies


1) Create a Customer Experience Strategy


We not only want a business plan but a customer experience plan. By doing this you can document your customer’s journey so that you will better understand how to serve their needs. This will mean you will understand how to track and bring value at every stage of your involvement with your customers.


2) Close the Customer Experience Gaps


Many businesses lose customers due to poor customer service. We may convince ourselves that is associated with price but it really comes down to service and the value the customer is obtaining from that service. If there are gaps in the service the customer is not going to be happy to pay that premium you desire.


Ask yourself: What’s missing from your customer experience?

  • Do I have an onboarding / customer delivery package for every new customer?
  • Does every new customer receive a welcome call or an email from the customer contact team and the owner when necessary?
  • How often do we stay in contact with our customers? Do we track this interaction?
  • What are the first three touch points of a new customer with our organisation?
  • How do we make these interactions different from those of our competitors?


As business owners and managers, we experience many moments to interact with our customers and connect with them. But how well do you take advantage of these moments to nurture the relationships?


3) Deliver More to Your Customers


We are employed or contracted by our customers to solve their problems. Providing solutions is one piece of the puzzle. As the connectivity of the world grows we are expected to deliver more and more.


Customers expect you to earn their loyalty. For this we not only need to solve their original problems but think of other ways you can help. How can you assist them reach their secondary objectives or stretch goals? If we can grow our customers so will we.


Customer Introductions and networking. You could invite them to join you at an industry event, or even mention the name of your customer or business through your marketing. This will then connect you with your customer on another level, inform the market of your strong connection and they will likely share this form of marketing through their network, leading to potentially new customers.


4) Customer Feedback

Do you know how many customers are currently unsatisfied (or not fully satisfied) with your service? Do you know who they are? What did you do in the last 3 months to learn more about the things that your customers want you to improve on?


You need to learn the art of “asking” your customers the right questions, in the right order, and with the right timing in order to get the information you need to improve your service(s) and business development.


We do not want to rely on opinion and intuition but actual feedback. You can get actual insights through various mediums such as surveys, customer interaction from sales to customer service and even your suppliers to conduct a thorough analysis that will determine and assess your customers’ level of satisfaction.



Key Takeaways


There is a wide range of business development issues for any organisation but the customer experience is vital to the success of your business.


  • Develop a customer experience strategy.
  • Identify ways to improve the relationship.
  • Conduct an external customer assessment to gain more insight.


Treat each customer as special. Focus on helping them and ask your customers what their greatest concern is. Show your commitment to helping address that concern.


It’s time to upgrade the experience and to build strong customer relationships as a key to sustainable business development.


Have you already implemented any of the above business development strategies in your business? Please share your story by commenting on the article.


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