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The Virtual CFO – Communicating your Business Story in Numbers

The Virtual CFO – Communicating your Business Story in Numbers   Accounting is not merely coding numbers, paying taxes and preparing financial statements. Accounting is the story of your business. It’s your book, the biography of the business you’ve built from the ground up. Beyond the spreadsheets and compliance reporting there are operational insights to be […]

Business Continuity is not just a Disaster Recovery Plan

Plan for Business Continuity Every few years, we get reminders of how vulnerable we are to acts of nature. Events beyond our control, including fires, floods and terrorist acts causing large-scale disaster, have been experienced in various parts of Australia recently. Both man-made and natural events will occur, frequently without warning. With technology, additional risks […]

Why You Need a Business Mentor

As an employee or business owner have you worked with a mentor? With the explosion of networking available online and offline, now is a great time to explore this opportunity that can help strengthen any business. Employees, managers and owners can turn to a mentor with questions and get valuable advice tailored to an industry or specific situation. […]