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Strategic Business Development Opportunities

Strategic Business Development Opportunities   It’s no secret that today the business development strategies of businesses are changing. Old strategies that worked for many years are losing their effectiveness as the competition heats up.   In the business world, you’re only as good as the business development strategies you use. New tools and their rapid […]

Privacy and the Facebook Tale

Privacy and the Facebook Tale   Just this year, businesses and consumers around the world were shocked to learn that Facebook enabled third-party companies to collect the personal information of more than 87 million Facebook users. Or were they? Facebook’s public relations gurus shifted into damage control mode and issued fervent apologies, Mark Zuckerberg admitting […]

Operational Efficiency – it’s not just about cost cutting

Operational Efficiency – it’s not just about cost cutting   Efficiency of any kind is not just about reducing costs. There are other business objectives, including service quality that still have to be achieved in order to keep existing customers but also to grow revenue and maximise the capability of the organisation. Many organisations are […]